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located on Prince Sultan RD, PLAZA DAN, Awali District in Second floor, Mecca, 24372 Saudi Arabia.

Work&Co. Makkah is in Plaza Dan in The Awali District in the southeast of Mecca, Plaza Dan is a unique property that is designed to feature a variety of shopping experiences.
Alawali is considered to be one of the city's prominent districts.


A workplace cafe in Makkah that suits you and your team

Coworking space enable you to conduct your business professionally and at a lower cost than private spaces, and it also gives you an opportunity to communicate with those with expertise and professional skills in the same field, in order to enhance the chances of benefiting from their unfamiliar ideas, your only task is to come carrying your laptop and we take care of the commitments and other tools.

Book at Work & Co Makkah and start your business

Hospitality Service

Business-class Printer

Business Address

Great Location

Furnished Spaces



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